Set of Three Organic Essential Oils ~ Jasmine, Rose & Ylang

$ 58.00

Enjoy this set of our favorite rare and precious flower essential oils. 

Save $10 when purchased as a set ... Pure nourishment for body mind and soul!

Jasmine Extract, Organic (1ml).
Rose Otto, Organic  (1ml). 
Ylang Ylang Fine, Organic (5ml).

Jasmine Extract ~ Love at first breath! This is an exquisitely beautiful Jasmine Extract from Egypt ~ softer and gentler than absolutes of Jasmine and is extracted using only benign, certified organic solvents (no hexane or similar petrochemical solvents used). Sensual, exotic, calms fears, helps resolve emotional blocks.

Rose Otto ~ A truly sublime Rose Otto - the finest we have ever carried! Our organic Bulgarian Rose Otto is from the region best known for producing the world’s premium roses. This Rose oil is fresh, warm, extremely complex, sweet and full-bodied. Potent effect on emotions and spirit, brings harmony, peace, dispells tension and fear.

Ylang Ylang, Fine ~ Absolute beauty! A very voluptuous, and refined floral with beautiful depth and character. This rare Ylang Ylang from Madagascar, has been distilled using a continual distillation for 6-7 hours, rendering a very special oil, that has a deliciously smooth, well rounded scent that you simply won’t find in other Ylang Ylang oils. This Ylang Ylang Fine has a beautifully easing effect on the heart, helpful with dispelling insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, and fear. 


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