Our Story

Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul
~ since 2008 ~
Transcend Organics was founded in 2008, after I experienced a series of vivid, repeating dreams in which I had the sense of making soap . . . in ancient times, fireside, over a large cauldron.  Fantastic recipes, captivating scents, and textures came alive in these intriguing dreams!  I had been yearning to create something new, a personally fulfilling business which embodied my vision of offering a nourishing experience to customers ~ one which improves the experience of 'the living of life' on a very personal level.  

Those potent dreams set me on my path!  Enchanted, and armed with my extensive training and talents in the fine and culinary arts, I took the leap of faith and followed the inspiration to begin making soap ~ Quickly, it became clear that these nourishing, organic LuxBar soaps were to be the foundational product in a very special, luxurious body care line.  The empassioned tenents of Transcend Organics became immediately clear ~ to formulate products with the finest in organic, fair trade, wild harvest botanicals, and essential oils, to build a conscious and sustainable product line and business model. 

Luxurious, Healthy Products ~ Absolutely free of harmful synthetics, fragrances, and petrochemicals. 

Over these 7 divinely inspired years, this alchemy of love and creativity has transformed the Transcend Organics product line into the ultimate lineup of pure, luscious, organic body care products to deeply nourish body, mind and soul!

With Love,


Angela Houlas
Transcend Organics

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