Lavender Bliss Botanical Body Mist

$ 18.00

This sweet and herbaceous floral scent is familiar and can safely be used in almost any setting.  Soothing as nature intended, organic lavender essential oils provide a calming center in the maelstrom of the day.  Created with a blend of organic lavender essential oils, from the mountainous regions of southern France, this blend has numerous applications as a rehydrating facial and body tonic,  easing tension, stress and anxiety, energetic clearing, or as a room or linen spray.  Our Lavender Botanical Body Mist is universally comforting and incredibility versatile.

Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Essential Oils of Lavender*, Vitamin E.  ~ No synthetics, fragrances, or petrochemicals. Not tested on animals. Gently shake and enjoy!  * Certified Organic Ingredient


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