Calming Chamomile Tub Soak

$ 26.00

A delightfully soothing tub soak, specifically developed to aid your body’s essential detoxifying system.

Liberally dissolved into running bath, this highly beneficial blend of Epsom and Atlantic sea salt provides a truly comforting, restorative soak treatment, while detoxifying and conditioning the skin. Epsom salts aid in the release toxins, muscle aches, reducing swelling and increasing your beneficial levels of magnesium. Additional benefits are derived from certified organic essentials oils of chamomile, lavender, and sweet orange. These essential oils have a calming effect, soothing inflamed skin and while easing away tension, stress and anxiety.  Immerse for 20 minutes, gently pat dry, and enjoy incredibly relaxed and calmed body and senses…

Certified fair trade salt is blended with the finest organic botanicals, and a restorative blend of organic, therapeudic grade essential oils.  

Ingredients: Epsom Salt and Solar Harvested Atlantic Sea Salt, Chamomile Flower Essential Oil*, Essential Oils of Sweet Orange* and Lavender*, Herbal Blend*. Gluten Free. ~ No synthetics, fragrances, or petrochemicals. Not tested on animals.  * Certified Organic Ingredient.

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